Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Family Festival Sea Isle City NJ

Fall Family Festival Sea Isle City NJ

The promenade in Sea Isle turns into a flea market of sorts with vendors selling all kinds of wares.  Sunglasses, purses, clothing, accessories, various specialty foods, crafts, toys, collectables, etc were all on display for sale.  I’d say there are probably a hundred or so vendors though I didn’t count.

The fall family festival is definitely a “G” rated event and is meant, of course, for the family to enjoy.  A free concert was held at the excursion center, JFK Boulevard was bustling with local restaurants who set up their own food and drink tents. In addition for the grown ups all the local watering holes are open for those who needed a break from the crowds and shopping.

A lot of people attended. It can get crowded on the promenade but for those who love to shop with the view of the ocean in the background it was a good time.  Personally, I got a pair of cool sunglasses cheap and a nice helping of my favorite fall family festival snack ….. toffee pecans.

Check it out sometime. The center of the action is JFK Boulevard and the vending booths stretch for many blocks in each direction from here along the promenade.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sea Isle City Irish Festival – A Mini Wildwood Like Fest

Every year around the third week of September Sea Isle City has its annual Irish Fest celebration.  Sea Isle’s Irish Festival runs on the same day as the famed Wildwood Irish Festival.  The 2013 Sea Isle City Irish Festival is on Saturday September 21.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catch a Blowfish Northern Puffer In Sea Isle City NJ

Blowfish on the Dock in Sea Isle
I know, I know, I lot of fisherman out there will read this and think this isn't much of a fish to catch at all.  I mean, blowfish are more infamous for stealing bait than for putting food on the table (the fish pictured was released safe and sound by the way :-)

That said, I was fishing off a dock in Sea Isle and landed a blowfish. It was fun to bring up because, quite honestly, I didn't know what it was.  I had to pull out one of those free marine manuals you pick up at the local bait shops to identify it.

The real tip-off though was when it 'blew up'   Not in the sense that it exploded but it swelled up like a balloon to the size of a softball then deflated.  I have to say that I'm sorry that I didn't get that picture but I did get a decent one showing it deflated on the dock.

I'd say it was about five inches long.  I caught it on a tiny kingfish rig with clams using a Penn spinning real and ugly stick rod.   Very easy to bring in ... he's just a little guy.
Not the best angle but the same blow fish :-)

Upon further research I found out that this guy is indeed a blow fish but specifically it is named a "Northern Puffer"

Great stuff fishing in Sea Isle big or small. Always fun .