Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where to Launch a Boat In Sea Isle City New Jersey - Learn Here

Finding a place to put your boat in the water can be frustrating. All of the best laid boating plans can easily sink if you get to a new shore destination only to realize that your watercraft is stuck on land instead of floating in the bay or the ocean.

There is a lot of boating activity in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.  Fishing, sailing, or simply motor cruising on the water, Sea Isle is good fun.

If you are wondering where you can launch a boat in Sea Isle City, NJ, you have come to the right place.  I know of one boat launch not far from the bridge from JFK blvd.

The Sea Isle City municipal boat ramp is located at the end of 42nd place. There is an in and out fee or you have the option of a seasonal fee (in 2010 it was $10 in/out and $100 seasonal but may have changed).  I do not personally use the ramp as I don't own any watercraft so I can not speak for its condition or convenience.  That said, it is easy to get to once you arrive in town.

Directions to boat ramp in Sea Isle City:

Come over the bridge and onto JFK boulevard. Make a left onto Park Avenue. Make a left on to 42nd Place and follow to the end.

From Avalon, come over the Townhend Inlet bridge and follow Landis Avenue to 84th street. Make a left onto 84th Street or any street after 84th. Turn right on central. Turn left on 45th. Turn right on Park Ave. Turn left on 42nd Place and follow to end.

I hope that helps you to find a place to launch your boat in SIC, NJ

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