Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beachcomber Walk Review In Sea Isle City New Jersey Fun Stuff !

If you want to learn a lot of fun things about the beaches of Sea Isle City, consider doing a beachcomber walk.

Beachcomber walks are geared for people of all ages and especially cater to young children but even the most seasoned adult should be able to learn something.

There isn't much walking to be done at the beachcomber walk in Sea Isle City, New Jersey so don't expect a hike of any kind. Bring your bathing suit or something comfortable to wear on a hot beach and simply enjoy the experience.

Beachcomber walks start fairly promptly so get there in time. I attended the beach comber walk on 29th street two years in a row. If you want to know the schedule for the current summer, walk to the end of the promenade at 29th street and there will be a sign posted that will give you a schedule (I posted a picture of the sign at the top of this post).

Basically, you will show up (bring kids, they'll like it) and for a very small fee (just a couple bucks) you'll get to spend time with a beach naturalist that will tell you a bit about the ocean and the various sea life you'll see along the beach.

About fifty people showed up for the beachcomber walk each time I went so don't be afraid of being the only one there. They broke us up into groups. I'd say 5 groups of 10 and we each got to spend time with our 'own' naturalist.

I thought is was very informative and left with a better understanding of all the shells and wildlife that I had taken for granted for so long.  For example, why is New Jersey oceans so 'dirty'?  Well, it turns out they are not dirty at all. The reason the water appears so cloudy is that it is is rich and fertile and abundant with tiny ocean life.  All this time I thought is was, well, dirty, but it isn't. Just because an ocean isn't as clear as the Bahamas, doesn't mean it is filthy.  Interesting stuff.

At one point the naturalist has everyone walk around and collect various things along the beach and bring it back, then they tell you all about it. This really made the event much more interactive, plus they give you a little bucket, which is nice too.  

The pros of the beachcomber walk:

Very friendly and laid back

Very inexpensive

Very interesting

Great for families with  young kids.

The Cons:

The part where we broke up and collected beach stuff took a little too long but shorten this a a bit and it would be perfect.

Check it out sometime

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