Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Public Restroom Bathroom Locations along Sea Isle City Promenade Beaches

40th Street (Near JFK Blvd) Restroom (small white building)

Sea Isle City, NJ has some really great beaches and some nice amenities, if you know where to find them.  One thing that is important to remember when spending time along the ocean in Sea Isle City, New Jersey is where the public bathrooms are along the beaches.

I must admit, I spend the majority of my time in Sea Isle on the beaches that run along side the Promenade.  The promenade in Sea Isle City is a concrete "boardwalk" that runs along the beach from 29th street to 56th.  If you are wondering which beaches along the promenade in Sea Isle have public restrooms, we'll cover them here.

There are three bathrooms along the promenade that are open to everyone to use. There is one on the promenade at 44th street.  This bathroom shares the same building as the Sea Isle City Beach patrol.

The second public restroom is at 40th street and the promenade. It is very close to JFK boulevard.

31st Street Restroom
The last public restroom along Sea Isle City's   promenade is at 31st street.

I hope that helps you to find the promenade public restrooms along Sea isle City's beaches.

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  1. Are there public showers at the restrooms?

  2. Are there public showers at the restrooms?