Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best Time to Buy A Beach Tag in Sea Isle City SIC New Jersey

The best time to get a beach tag in Sea Isle City New Jersey is two weekends before memorial day weekend at the latest. 

 Two weekends before Memorial Day Weekend is the last weekend when you can get a discounted Sea Isle City beach tag.

Sea Isle City requires all beach goers to display a beach tag.  Accessways to the beach are staffed by the beach patrol. 

The beach patrol in Sea Isle are very friendly especially when compared to other South Jersey shore points,such as Avalon where they are notoriously rude.  Be nice to Sea Isle City beach patrol members when you meet them and be willing to buy a beach tag if you need one.

Beach tags can be purchased in Sea Isle at the beach tag office along JFK boulevard as well as from any beach patrol member. For discounted beach tags that are available up to two weekends prior to Memorial Day weekend, you will generally need to buy at the JFK boulevard office though sometimes they'll randomly set up beach tag sales at other public locations (outside of the Acme on 63rd etc)
Hope that helps!

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