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Bars to Drink at In Sea Isle City - Where You Want to Go

Everyone likes to step out and grab a beer or other beverage at least once in a while, especially if you are vacationing in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.  The question is, which bars are right for you in Sea Isle.

Some people like crowds, some people like cozy, some people like a good party and others want to share a nice meal with a drink.  Here is a rundown of places that might interest you. Let me know which ones work for you:

Kix McNutleys :
Simply known as Kix this bar is adjacent to the Acme in Sea Isle City, 63rd and Landis
It is a high ceiling, woody, place where a lot of the year round locals go to grab a drink. 
I'd say that the age group in this bar is typically in their fifties and up.

Largely a blue collar, local crowd who come to drink among other local friends and trade good stories.
There are live bands.
Not the best looking place, but not a dump either. Come as you are and have a drink. Nice outside pool bar also.
Dress anyway you want

La Costa:
Refered to as "LA" by some it is located on JFK and the Boulevard
A mix between locals and vacationers share indoor and outdoor bar space.
The dark and worn inside usually smells of cleaning detergent and stale beer but it is also good fun, crowded party environment at night. Fairly empty during the day time, the crowd moves outside to sit in the sun at the very nice and upbeat outdoor bar.
Very young early twenties crowd inside at night. The outside age ranges is from 20's to 80's
Live bands inside and outside.

The Lobster Loft:
Park Avenue just off JFK Blvd. Referred to as "The Loft"
Crowd is both vacationers and locals eating water view dinner in the dining room or grabbing a drink at the bar. Doubles as full service restaurant and has multiple bars.
Probably the oldest crowd in Sea Isle. Typical age during nightclub, drinking hours, is 50's through probably 90's (yeah 90's.... give or take :-)
Bands at night. Very clean and polished place. A classier, cleaner decor than other nightclubs.
No dress code but if you wanted to wear something nicer, you could pull it off here. Up to you.

The Ocean Drive:
Also called the " OD " it is located on Landis just a block or so from JFK Blvd
Early twenties something crowd on vacation in Sea Isle
Dark with very low ceilings.
Bands at night, DJ's, drink specials, crowded, party environment.
I wrote an article on the OD here
Dress anyway you want. Some people even wear costumes

Shenanigans Bar:
38th and Landis Avenue
I'm going to guess the 'youngest' bar in Sea Isle. Early twenty somethings
Inside is much like the inside of The OD and La Costa in certain ways
Loud, hot and crowded, much like The OD and La Costa inside.
Bands and DJ at night
Dress anyway you want.

The Springfield Inn
43rd and 44th and Pleasure
30's, 40's and 50's crowd with other ages mixed in.
Like OD, La Costa and Shenanigans, interior has a lot of mileage on it but this bar is much brighter inside than the others at night.
Bands nightly
Outdoor "beach bar" but don't get your hopes up like it is the Caribbean. Also a bit worn out, but also a lot of fun
Dress anyway you want

Braca Cafe:
Commonly called "Bracas"
Fairly classy place to get a drink by  Sea Isle's standards. Primarily a full service restaurant with a cozy bar.
No dress code but if you wore nice summer casual to upscale casual clothes you would not feel out of place.
All ages place as a lot of families come to eat. The bar has a wide mix of ages typically 30's, 40's, 50's

The Dead Dog Cafe:
Commonly called "The Dead Dog" or sometimes "The Dog"
20's through 40's crowd but not limited to this age group.
The only bar in Sea Isle have a dress code. Men must wear collar shirts. Lots of golf shirts and button downs.
Live strictly acoustic music nightly.
This place strives for and defends its classy reputation. Can get very crowded. Looks a lot like a nice, cozy coffee house in someways. Two floors.

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