Thursday, June 9, 2011

Find Tennis Courts in Sea Isle City

If you want to know where to play tennis in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, you have come to the right place.

Tennis at the shore can be a fun, invigorating day in the sun and, as much as I love the ocean, a nice break from the beach.  While tennis  is a great and challenging sport, finding a tennis court can be even more challenging.

In Sea Isle City, there are tennis courts on Dealy Field. Dealy Field is a large recreational, sports and playground area that has a number of tennis courts that are open to the public.

The tennis courts are more or less next to the gas station (not far from the Acme) on 63rd street and Central Avenue in Sea Isle City.  Coming off  the bridge in Townsends Inlet, just turn left on 84th Street, then turn right onto Central.  You'll see the Tennis Courts on your left less than a mile down.

If you are coming of the JFK Boulevard Bridge, turn right on Central (off JFK Boulevard) and proceed all the way up Central until around 61st street. You'll see the tennis area on your right.

I hope that helps you to find a place to play tennis in Sea Isle City.  Now grab that racket or rackets, balls and get out an play a tennis match.

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