Monday, June 6, 2011

Did You Know There is a Farmers Market in Sea Isle City, New Jersey?

The Sea Isle City's farmers market runs every Tuesday, though keep in mind that Sea Isle could change this at any time so I suggest checking first before going.  The farmers market days and hours are typically posted on the wooden, painted signs along the promenade at the end of JFK boulevard.

The farmers market is held on JFK boulevard in the region where Pleasure Avenue crosses JFK.

Typically the market starts in late June (again, subject to change :-) and runs through the summer season.  

While farmer's markets are not my thing, the farmer's market  is a great change of pace to the usual beach and promenade activities for the family.  After a long weekend of fattening junk food and sodas, treat the family to a variety of healthy vegetables grown by local New Jersey farmers.  The farmers market is not particularly large, you can walk the whole thing in a matter of minutes, but the variety is good and the quality of vegetables (at least the corn I got last time :-) is fresh and tasty.

Plan some time to check it out or, if you are in the JFK and Pleasure region of Sea Isle, check it out while heading to the beach or if you need a break from laying in the sun.  
The farmers market is just another cool thing to do in Sea Isle City that you might not be aware of.

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