Thursday, June 9, 2011

Largest Hoagie Ever In Sea Isle City, NJ Brizzles

The largest hoagie in Sea Isle, NJ. Honestly, I can't even say this place is open any more but Mrs Brizzle's Buns not only had a great reputation for their awesome sticky buns (awesome enough that they were featured on a Food Network program years back) but they are also more locally famous, or infamous, for the size of their hoagies.

I say that Brizzle's might not be open anymore since I no longer see them at the original location next to the gym on Landis Avenue.  I also don't see anyone staggering around in a food coma either.

That said, their hoagie is massive. Just ridiculous. It is not so much the length of the hoagie that inspired awe (though the length is generous enough), rather the width of the hoagie was such that people would cower at its very sight.

I never measured the darn width of a Mrs. Brizzle's hoagie but I'd bet it was a good 4 to 4 1/2 inches. Maybe I'm crazy or exaggerating the size of the hoagie, but it was really big. The amount of meat was so overwhelming, you couldn't see the vegetables.  I'm not kidding either. Literally the vegetables were decimated beneath the load of meats.  The running joke among the locals in Sea Isle City went something like, "If you buy a Brizzle's hoagie, you need to buy a loaf of bread to go with it."

In other words, there was so much meat that the hoagie roll itself wasn't enough. You could make 4 more sandwiches with your left overs from this hoagie.

If they are gone, I'll miss that massive, giant Italian hoagie sandwich for sure.  It wasn't the best hoagie in town, but it shore, er, sure filled you up and got you fueled up for a night on the town.

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