Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How Do I Know When The Ocean Tide is Coming in Or Out in Sea Isle

Ocean tides are funny things. High tides can get you unexpectedly wet on the beach or leave you high and dry when the tide goes low.

Same goes for the bay tides. The height of the bay slowly rises and slowly falls.

Bay or beach, high and low tides occur twice per day. Tides are affected by the Sun and the moon's gravity as well as the rotation of the Earth.  Tides are very predictable but I can't cover all of the dates, times and height of every tide in Sea Isle in this article alone.

That said, if you want to know when the Ocean tide is coming in our coming out there are a number of places to find this information.

Bait and Tackle shops in and around Sea Isle City offer tide charts for free. Go ahead and ask for a tide chart and they will give you one for sure.

If you are in one of the municipal buildings or beach tag headquarters you might be able to get one for free there as well.

If your beach house has the current edition of the Blue Book, a local phone book of sorts very popular with Sea Isle residents and visitors, there is a section in there that will show you when the tides will rise and fall for each day of the year.

Tide charts are easy to come by in Sea Isle. Just ask and you'll find one. Sometimes even more obscure places such as convenience stores offer free tide charts. You may find them stacked on the cashier counter.

Local newspapers will also tell you when the tide will be high and low for the particular day you pick it up.

Hopefully that gives you an idea how to find a tide chart and know when the tide is coming in and going out in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

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