Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Ocean Drive Nightclub Bar in Sea Isle City - Learn If You'll Like It

The Ocean Drive nightclub bar is located on Landis Avenue in Sea Isle City. It is right in the center of town. 

The Ocean Drive is truly a right of passage for those who are veterans of the Sea Isle City bar scene.  Just about anyone who has ever had a drink in Sea Isle has been in the Ocean Drive.

The Ocean Drive is commonly and affectionately referred to as the O.D.  The O.D. (which can also be thought of, not-so-coincidentally as overdose) caters to the young, swinging, single, partying crowd.

The happy hours and night time hours are simply drenched in heat, testosterone, estrogen, and the sowing of wild oats. It is definitely populated by people who are in their twenties looking for a fun  day and night out.

The bar itself is a dark, low ceiling, cavernous place with four bars and not nearly enough seating to go around.  When summer is in full swing, live bands play nightly.

The D.J.'s are usually very good and the bands are some of the best at the shore.

Who will hate the O.D. ?  Here is a list:

-If you hate crowds, you'll hate the place. It can be body to body in there

-If you are easily disgusted by sticky floors and overall shabby features, you won't like it.

-If you don't like loud places, you won't like it. The customers are loud and the music is even louder

-If you are looking for good food, forget it. Yes, they do occasionally have food specials but they don't serve anything during prime time drinking hours.

Who will love the OD? Here is a list:

-For young people (in their twenties) looking for a big party, this is the place

-For those who enjoy "meet" markets, the OD has a very, very single crowd

- If you like drink specials and don't mind going early they do have drink specials

- If you can take the heat, it gets wicked hot in the Ocean Drive in August, you'll like it.

-If you are thick skinned when it comes to crowds, bumping, drunkenness, etc. You'll like it

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