Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Get to Sea Isle City from Philadelphia PA Driving Directions to 08243

Sea Isle City is one of the South Jersey Shore points.  It is a great town to visit and vacation in during the summer.   Some people ask me "How do you get to Sea Isle City?"  and I tell them that driving to Sea Isle city is very easy.

For those of you who want to look up your own directions on MapQuest or GPS, the zip code for Sea Isle City is 08243.

If you are coming from Philadelphia, I can save you the trouble. Here are the basic directions.  There are other ways to drive to Sea Isle. These directions are the most popular so there is more traffic but it is also the most simple and easy remember way to go.

From either I-76 the Schulykill Expressway or I-95  travel to the Walt Whitman Bridge.  I-76 eastbound pretty much takes you straight into the bridge. If you are coming from Delaware take I-95 north, from bucks county take I-95 South.  The Walt Whitman is in Philadelphia
Go across the bridge (no toll in this direction) and stay straight. The road you are on is 42 South

Keep going straight on 42 south and it will be come the Atlantic City Expressway south within a couple miles. Just stay straight, there is no exit or anything.

There is eventually a toll on the AC expressway for a few dollars.

Take the AC Expressway south for about 37 miles until you see signs for the Garden State Parkway way exit 7-S

Take Exit 7-S and stay on the Garden State Parkway (aka GSP) for about 20 miles.  You'll hit a couple of tolls along the way

Then get off at Exit 17 Sea Isle City.  

You'll come to the end of the Exit and it will dead end at a road called Sea Isle Blvd (also known as JFK when you get across the bridge into town)

Turn Left on this road and take it about a mile or so, over a bridge and into Sea Isle City, NJ
That should do it. Buckle up and have a safe trip to the shore! 

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