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What Street Should I Rent My House on In Sea Isle City, NJ for Summer Vacation?

There are a lot of considerations to go through when renting a house in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.   It really is a combination of how much walking you will want to do versus driving, as well as what kind of shore lifestyle you prefer.

In general, the most quiet part of town begins around 50th street and gets more quiet the further uptown you go.   The same goes for streets in the low 20's on down.  
If you are an inlet lover, staying on streets in the 80's and above will position you close to Townsend Inlet.  A gorgeous, well kept inlet that gets plenty of boat traffic, lots of surf fisherman as well as sunbathers.  The inlet is a protected beach and requires a beach tag.

If you find yourself on the roads in between,  say 28th street to 49th street things will be pretty jumping as this is the main drag of town.  It is the area that is most congested.  The occupants of these homes tend to be the younger, partying type as most of Sea Isle's bars are concentrated in this area.  Homes close to bars means you can walk instead of drive and avoid  a DUI.  This, of course leads to higher level of inebriation, more foot traffic and more noise both on the streets an on the decks.   If you are really into the bar scene, get a home between 28th and 49th.

28th to 49th is also a good spot for people who may not be into the bar scene but prefer to walk short distances (within 5 blocks) of restaurants, sandwich shops, specialty stores etc. as most businesses are concentrated in this area.
Landis Avenue, JFK Boulevard and Central Avenue are the three busiest streets in Sea Isle City.  I think central is the least noisiest of the three in terms of traffic noise but there are still lots of cars to consider.  If you want to avoid a lot of traffic noise as well as limited parking options you'll want to stay away from homes on these streets.

If you love the beach, and who in Sea Isle doesn't, just about any house anywhere will do.  If you stay anywhere in Sea Isle you'll generally be within zero to 5 blocks (and 5 would be unusual) to the beach.  If you must be within 2 to 3 blocks  to the beach I'd suggest staying on blocks that end no further west than Central Avenue, closer to Landis or further east the better.

The most quiet and peaceful part of town is probably 70th street up to within a few blocks of the Inlet (89th st) or thereabout.  Mostly an older, family crowd that really has no problem being 20, 30, 40 blocks from any activity.  Again, along Landis and Central, it will be more noisy simply due to traffic but nearly as loud as along those same streets in town (blocks 29th -49th)

Of course if you like the bay side there are numerous homes along the canals and bay within a few blocks west of Central avenue along most of the Island.    Sounds Ave, Venicean, and the end of most numbered streets that end in the word "place"  such as 43rd place, will generally have homes along water.

As always, check with your realtor or for yourself before committing any hard earned money based on my advice. Check the property in person before signing the lease.  You'll want to be sure you are in the area you hoped for. I'm just giving you this information for starters and hope it helps!  Feel free to comment below or ask questions.  

Each section of Sea Isle is wonderful but caters to different personalities.

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