Friday, June 3, 2011

Where to Fish - Sea Isle City NJ Fishing Pier

There are plenty of places to fish in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.  Fishing in Sea Isle is a fun and relaxing sport for people who enjoy all kinds of shore settings. You can fish on the beach (most of them anyway), you can fish on the inlet, and you can fish on the bay.  All this from boat and from land. 

If you like to fish from a pier into the bay, the Sea Isle City's public recreation department has a fishing pier that is located on 59th Street and the bay.

Directions to the fishing pier are pretty easy. To find the pier from Avalon / Townsends Inlet park, after coming over the bridge onto Landis Avenue, turn left on 84th street then turn right onto Central. Take central to 59th street and turn left. Continue straight until you see the pier.

Directions from bridge at JFK Blvd:  After coming off bridge turn right onto Central Avenue. Take straight to 59th street and then turn right. Continue straight until you see the bridge.

An easy landmark to look for is Dealy Park. A huge soccer, baseball, skateboard, hockey, etc recreational park.   The fishing pier is just before the park if heading to the Sea Isle City fishing pier from JFK.  The fishing pier is just past the park.

I hope that helps.  I love to fish and hope that you are able to catch a lot of fish on this fishing pier.

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