Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catch Sea Bass Fishing With Kids Easy

Small Sea Bass (Not a Keeper But Easy to Catch)
Tie on a One Ounce Weight

Get Some Blood Worms and Small Hooks
Fishing with young kids can be a great joy but you need to keep in mind that kids, way more than adults, need to stay entertained.  Catching fish, no matter what size, with some regularity is the difference between your children having a great day or a really dull one.

One thing I love to do with the kids in Sea Isle City is fish for sea bass.  Actually, I have to admit, I enjoy doing it myself even without the kids.

Taking the kids fishing along the bay and channels of Sea Isle City is good fun when catching sea bass. I have a way that generally lands a fair amount a sea bass without all the frustrations of snags and tangles often associated with fishing with youngsters.

First, keep in mind that you are not catching any 'keepers' using this method. Sure you might get lucky and land a big fish, be we are looking for quantity over quality here. Strictly catch and release (you'll get a big fine if you take undersized fish in Sea Isle).

We'll focus strictly on fishing in the bay.  You can fish the bay from the end of many streets in Sea Isle and still catch Sea Bass without the hassle of renting or bringing a boat. That said, don't let me stop you from renting a boat or bringing your own  :-) 

You'll typically get Sea Bass under six inches using this method. They don't hit very hard so even if you are using light, freshwater rods and reels you'll do just fine. Actually, lighter tackle will help you feel the bite easier and might put you at an advantage over others using heavier tackle.... unless you land a big fish, then you are losing your line easy :-)

Put a small weight like the one shown above on your line.  A one ounce weight will work just fine.

Then put a small hook on the end of your line. A number four hook should work just fine. We aren't hooking into any really big mouths here so a small hook will be OK.

Be sure you have bought blood worms.  Not night crawlers you'd buy at the lake bait shop, not the squirmy things you find in your yard, get the real deal. Blood worms for bait is the key ingredient.

Blood worms are not cheap. They aren't particularly large but they will run over a dollar each but they work great and really draw the fish.  Bring a knife with you and don't be afraid to cut worms in half to make your supply last longer.

When using blood worms with the little ones I'd suggest putting the worms one the hooks for the kids.  They are very bloody and messy.  Plus, in unusual cases, they'll bite and the bite does hurt.  Nothing to be afraid of but you'll see their head pop out so beware of a nip.  It is very rare but they'll get you if you ask for it.

After getting the worm on the hook, watch the way the tide is moving then cast up into the tide and let the bait drift down.  You'll feel the tug when you have a bite if you are paying attention.  Some guys wait for the line to go tense too but sometimes I can't tell by watching the line.

I use a light weight as it keeps the hook off the bottom longer as it drifts down the tide.  You can definitely catch sea bass and a lot of other fish off the bottom, actually it is the preferred technique of most anglers, but I like keeping the weight up to avoid snags when fishing with the kids.  Snags will make for a long day with children plus they aren't necessary. Sea bass are very aggressive and will swim to the top to bite a blood worm.

Now get out there and try some fishing.  I have had days were I'm getting sea bass every 10 or 15 minutes and better using this technique.  Not always but more often than not.  A great method with the little ones.

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