Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Proof There is Surfing Competition in Sea Isle Surf

Hurley Surfer Registration and Judges Tent
Surfer Waiting For His Chance

Sea Isle City, New Jersey is a great town with a lot of fun things to do.  One thing that people do not think of when visiting the Jersey Shore is attending a surfing event.

The Sea Isle City beach hosts a number of free surfing events every year that are absolutely free to watch.

I stumbled upon a surfing contest in Sea Isle on a beautiful June day.  This particular contest was sponsored by Hurley and from what I could tell was open to any surfer who wanted to register.

It was good, free, fun to watch. They waves were relatively flat, even for the South Jersey shoreline but that didn't stop a dozen or so surfers from competing and scores of people from watching the competition.

There was judging and play-by-play commentary to keep spectators abreast of what was going on in the surf.

Keep any eye out for future surfing events along the beach around 38th street or thereabout. They have a number of them every summer and is just another cool thing to do while vacationing in Sea Isle City.

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