Friday, February 3, 2012

Get in On Sea Isle Shore House For Whole Summer

Getting in on a Sea Isle City, New Jersey shore house for the whole summer is easier than you might think. A lot of people spend their dog days of summer wishing they could afford a shore house. They wish they had a home to go to in Sea Isle or Ocean City or Wildwood or Avalon, etc but feel they don't have the money to do it.

You do not need to own a home down the shore or have to rent one all by yourself to spend your summer at the beach. You don't need a million dollars. There are already throngs of people who weekend at the shore every summer who are not spending tens of thousands of dollars a year for beach property. These 'shore people' rent a beach home for the entire summer or half of the summer and then get a bunch of roommates to split the rent.

A summer rental usually allows 24 hour access to the home for the length of the lease. From my experience, a typical full seasonal lease, runs from the weekend prior Memorial Day to Labor Day or the weekend after.

The price is really expensive. Price for the whole summer can run $20,000 - $30,000. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Depends on the size, condition and location of the house.

For the past 10 years I figure I spend myself about $2100-$2700 yearly to get in on a group rental. This number will fluctuate based the price of the house (for the rental term) divided by the amount of people in the house.

If you want to get involved with group shore house there are a couple things you want to start doing.

1. Ask around. Ask everyone you know. Ask people at work. Ask your friends. Just ask. The New Jersey shore scene is truly a devoted sub culture that is not entirely on-the-radar so to speak. No, this isn't some fanatical sect. These are everyday people who just love the beach scene. You might be surprised how many people do summer beach houses. The best part is, they are almost always looking for people.

2. Craigslist and other ads. Always be wary of strangers but, honestly, a lot of people look for house mates this way. Use good judgement when responding to ads, meet in public places, make sure they are for real and see a lease before sending any money.

3. FB. FB other social media. Checking ads and other social media will certainly turn up potential shore roommates. Just throw the comment out there that you want to be in on a shore house and you'll be bound to run into someone, who knows someone who has done this.

3. Ask Realtors at the shore. Pick a shore you would like to spend the most time in. Ask a realtor in that area if he knows of anyone looking for roommates. They often have people who rent from them that also ask them if they know anyone looking for a place to stay.

Once you have a few leads you'll want to be sure you find the
best beach roommates (click here)

If you already have rented a house and need to fill it with people, check out these important tips.

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