Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Does SIC on Back of Cars Mean?

Have you seen those magnets on the back of cars and SUV's that say "SIC" ?  You probably wonder what the SIC stands for.

If you are an English major, don't assume for a minute that magnet refers to an error that already exists in a quotation.  Especially don't make this assumption if you see the SIC magnet / bumper sticker in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware tri-state area.  I think people would take offense to this presumption. It would be up there with accusing someone's sister of being their mother.

The initials S.I.C. stand for Sea Isle City. Sea Isle City is located in Cape May County New Jersey.  People who display these magnets or bumper stickers are big fans of this shore point. They usually vacation there in the summer.

If you've ever seen one of these magnets, comment below and let us know.  Sea Isle is a great spot and deserves a little recognition (though not too much, I'd hate to see it get too crowded.  I love the fishing, the nightlife, the great beach, the wonderful bay, the boating and the great fun and friends I've had and made there over the years.
So next time someone askes you "What does SIC on the back of cars mean?"  Tell them Sea Isle City, then scoff at them as if they are stupid... kidding.

Another Sea Isle Summer Shore Post

So are you Irish or not?  Even if you have not one trace of Irish blood in your family, you should still get out and celebrate St. Pats.  A cool place to do that is, believe it or not Sea Isle.  Read my review of St. Pats in Sea Isle here.

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