Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rent House For Polar Bear in Sea Isle, NJ - Good Luck!

If you plan on renting  a house in Sea Isle City, New Jersey for their annual Polar Bear Plunge I highly suggest that you do not wait until a few days or even a few weeks before the event.
Sea Isle City is largely a vacation town and there are rentals available in the winter.  For the enormously popular Polar Bear Plungemany of the available houses are being used by their respective owners so they can attend the event. The rest of the homes for rent go really fast.  
Some years back assumed the landlord we rent from in the summer would allow us to rent the house for the Polar Bear.  By the time we asked him it was running late and he wasn't sure if it would be available to us or not.   There was no way we were going to miss 'The Plunge' so we decided to contact a friend of ours that owns multiple properties in Sea Isle.   They were all rented!

The humanity!
Desperate we went to a real estate agent who offered us a place to stay for about six hundred dollars.  We almost shelled out the money but our summer landlord bailed us out (he really is a saint).  We were able to get into his house at the last minute.
My point to all this is don't assume that Sea Isle, NJ is such a sleepy town during the winter that you'll be able to just rent a house anytime.  The Polar Bear Plunge is a wildly popular and successful event.  The island is as full as any summer weekend.  It gets real crowded.
Good luck in your efforts to rent a house for the Polar Bear  Sea Isle City , NJ    Plan ahead early and you'll be OK.

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