Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bike Toll Over the Sea Isle Avalon Townsends Inlet Bridge ?

I do not bike very often but for some reason the shore is just the place to ride. The surfaces are paved and flat and the traffic, compared to the Philadelphia region, tends to be more forgiving and wary of bicyclists.

I rode my bike one weekend from Sea Isle City (SIC) to Ocean City. As I don't ride often, I was really tired but I simply loved the trip.  Riding on two wheels gave me the chance to slow down and see these popular shore points from a different perspective.  It was very enjoyable.

The following weekend I really pushed myself (and remember, I'm not real good on a bicycle) and went from SIC all the way down to Wildwood.

Pedalling over both the Townsends' inlet bridge and the Corson's Inlet bridge led me to two of the same questions. Is there a toll?

At each bridge I asked the toll collector this very question. Do I have to pay when I am on a bike?.  The answer was 'no' you do not have to pay.  The toll collector will let you cross the bridge at no charge if you are on a non-motorized vehicle.

Just a side note, but one thing I really enjoyed when going over the Townsends bridge from SIC to Avalon was the arch of the bridge.  Going up was kind of tough and I really had to down shift the gears.  Once I got over the arch though, I really picked up some speed. I hit close to 30 miles per hour coming down.  Of course, by applying the brakes you don't have to go this fast, but it was fun and a nice relief from the hard pedal up.  Be careful going down though. Be real careful.  Cars will try to pass you and there is a slight curve toward the bottom of the bridge. Don't steer into traffic or lose control, you'll get really hurt and I'd hate to see that happen to anyone.

The Corson's bridge, by contrast, is a much easier but less exhilarating ride.  It is a very flat surface but pretty scenic. Just don't get too carried away looking around.  There are plenty of cars so be careful.

OK... What About When The Bridge Lifts For A Huge Boat? Does The Boat Have to Pay Anything ?

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